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More than a decade of professional work is not the only thing that separates our women’s hair salon from others. Not only that we are the best in existing and retro hairstyles and cuts, and we do not just track the latest trends, but we are the ones who are creating new and inspiring fashion trends. Our team consists of highly qualified hairdressers whose work is not just a career, but it is also their passion. We are the place where your hair will be rejuvenated and shaped not only to match the latest fashion but also to match and highlight your unique beauty and lifestyle perfectly.

True Keratin – the first one that is organic

This is an American brand that produces hair products based on organically grown plants. The main product is the Keratin Hair System. It works like Brazilian keratin, but it is much better and does not leave hair dry when the action of keratin passes.

Helen Seward Revive Treatment

In just 20 minutes your hair becomes healthier, more flexible and brighter, with the serum that gives your hair a lifting effect. It is best recommended for weak, lifeless and fragile hair. Contains herbal collagen + hyaluronic complex. Provides currently visible and long-lasting results.

About us

We use well-proven, and the latest top quality hair styling products. Our hairdressing team is not only highly educated but has also gone through numerous shows, competitions, and they always remain on the cutting edge of hairstyles and hair care. We are in Seattle Washington, and we are one of the top salons, not just in our city. Our work is well known all over the country, and we are one of the few who has their hairdressers all over the world on shows, competitions and training courses. We are offering you a way to be reborn, a way to let your inner beauty shine.


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