News in hairstyle

There are several trends in hair styling that have completely swept the world.

Here are some of them:

Hair dusting techniques

Cutting the split ends without shortening the length of the entire hair sounds like science fiction. Hair dusting is a haircut method that will allow you to refresh your hair without shortening the length. This is a great technique that can be very useful because it does not shorten the ends of the bottom of the hair, but they are cut off at all lengths. Some hairdressers, except will use clipper or fire for this.

Opal color: The new technique of fading

If you want to change your hairstyle into looking unique and different, this is for you. The color is the result of a mix of heavier and softer tones of pink, blue, metallic … In practice, this hair is supposed to be platinum, and then the hairdresser applies certified toners intended for this technique, which are based on purple colors, and it leaves almost pastel effect.

World Hit: A New Trend of Hair Styles

The most popular hairstyle at this moment is a short bob with “balayage” technique and relaxed waves. Cold or warm blue tones give the effect of sunlight in the hair. Filled with mild twisted waves with a figurine or iron, the hairstyle will be finished in less than thirty minutes. This is a technique that is similar to “Ombre” dyeing technique but differs in the effect that is milder, more natural and more neutral on the hair.

Tatto hair – for those who are not afraid

If you have a rebellion in yourself or just want to promote punk rock style and you certainly do not want a drastic change, (for work) this hair styling can be a great solution for you. This trend in the world is known as – a hidden tattoo in hair! This kind of hairstyle means shaving up to the hair root itself, namely the first lower layer, usually close to the neck, and then professional hairdressers will use a barber to “draw” different hair patterns that can be truly creative and there are no limitations in the possibilities.